Recent Publications

Select publications are highlighted below.  For full list, please see PubMed or Google Scholar.

  1. Caldecott K*, Ward ME*, Nussenzweig A*. Neurological Disease and ‘Programmed’ DNA breakage. (In Press) Nature Genetics (*co-corresponding authors).
  2. Brown A, Wilkins O, Keuss M, Hill S, Zanovello M, Colleen Lee W, Lee F, Masino L, Qi Y, Bryce-Smith S, Bamptom A, Gat A, Phatnani H, Schiavo G, Fischer E, Raj T, Secrier M, Lashley Tm, Ule J, Buratti E, Humphrey J, Ward ME*, Fratta P. TDP-43 loss and ALS-risk SNPs drive mis-splicing and depletion of UNC13A. (2022) Nature 603, 131-137. (*co-corresponding authors)
  3. Ramos D, Skarnes WC, Singleton A, Cookson M*, Ward ME*. Tackling neurodegenerative diseases with genomic engineering: A new stem cell initiative from the NIH. (2021) Neuron (*co-corresponding authors).
  4. Wu W, Hill SE, Nathan WJ, Paiano J, Callen E, Wang D, Shinoda K, van Wietmarschen N, Colón-Mercado JM, Zong D, De Pace R, Shih HY, Coon S, Parsadanian M, Pavani R, Hanzlikova H, Park S, Jung SK, McHugh PJ, Canela A, Chen C, Casellas R, Caldecott KW*, Ward ME*, Nussenzweig A*. Neuronal enhancers are hotspots for DNA single-strand break repair. (2021) PMID: 33767446Nature (*co-corresponding authors)
  5. Fernandopulle M, Lippincott-Schwartz J* and Ward ME*(from the cover) RNA transport and local translation in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disease. PMID: 33510479 (2021) Nature Neuroscience (*co-corresponding authors)
  6. Liao YC, Fernandopulle M, Wang G, Choi H, Hao L, Drerup C, Qamar S, Nixon-Abell J, Shen Y, Meadows W, Vendruscolo M, Knowles T, Nelson M, Czekalska M, Musteikyte G, Patel R, Stephens C, Pasolli A, Forrest L, St George-Hyslop P, Lippincott-Schwartz J* and Ward ME*. RNA Granules Hitchhike on Lysosomes for Long-Distance Transport, Using Annexin A11 as a Molecular Tether. (2019). PMID: 31539493Cell (*co-corresponding authors)(F1000Prime Recommended).
  7. Tian R, Gachechiladze MA, Ludwig CH, Laurie MT, Hong JY, Nathaniel D, Prabhu AV, Fernandopulle MS, Patel R, Abshari M, Ward ME* and Kampmann M*. (from the cover) CRISPR Interference-Based Platform for Multimodal Genetic Screens in Human iPSC-Derived Neurons. (2019). PMID: 31422865Neuron (*co-corresponding authors).