An image demonstrating how memories are wired into neural networks and that our brains search for memories similar to the way search engines track information on the internet. Creidt: Wei Zie/Kareem Zaghloul

Why Some Words may be More Memorable than Others

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C0030729 X and Y Chromosomes

Single Mutation Leads to Big Effects in Autism-related Gene

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Human stem cells expressing the HERV-K envelope protein. Credit: David Wang

Do retroviral genes help stem cells become neurons?

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Cerebellospinal Neurons Regulate Motor Performance and Motor Learning

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graphic drawing of a green circle with a blue brain inside

About NINDS Division of Intramural Research

The present Intramural Research program of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) began in the early 1950's with research programs in basic neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery. Today investigators in the NINDS intramural program conduct research in the basic, translational, and clinical neurosciences at the NINDS Bethesda, Maryland laboratories.

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