A human Cushing’s disease (CD) adenoma and its surrounding normal anterior pituitary gland. The image shows the protein abundance in CD adenomas and the adjacent normal gland by using immunohistochemistry. Purple identifies the stress hormone ACTH that causes CD within the adenoma. Green and red colors identify normal pituitary gland cells. Orange identifies noxa, a pro-apoptotic protein that should be elevated in adenoma, but, is not.

Unshackling noxious signals in pituitary adenomas

 It is an image of dopaminergic neurons labeled with a red fluorescent protein in a horizontal mouse brain section. To the right is the midbrain where the dopaminergic neuron cell bodies are, and to the left is the striatum where the majority of the axons project to. In the middle are the axons passing from the midbrain to the striatum along the medial forebrain bundle.

Synapse-like axo-axonal communication

STAT1 mutations give deeper insight into cerebral aneurysms

STAT1 mutations give deeper insight into cerebral aneurysms

“Arbor Vitae,” colorized image from formalin fixed human cerebellum acquired at 100 micron isotropic resolution on the 11.7T MRI system. Image credit: Govind Nair Bhagavatheeshwaran), Staff Scientist in the qMRI Core Facility, and Stephen Dodd, Staff Scientist, at the Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging.

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graphic drawing of a green circle with a blue brain inside

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The present Intramural Research program of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) began in the early 1950's with research programs in basic neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery. Today investigators in the NINDS intramural program conduct research in the basic, translational, and clinical neurosciences at the NINDS Bethesda, Maryland laboratories.

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