Clinical Trials Unit

Clinical Trials Unit main banner

The mission of the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is to create an environment for state-of-the-art clinical trials to promote integration into the greater translational development of treatments of neurological disease.

As a core unit under the NINDS Office of the Clinical Director, the CTU aims to support and facilitate clinical research at the NINDS intramural research program, by providing assistance and resources during all phases of the life cycle of a protocol, from protocol development, to start-up and execution, to data analysis and reporting.

It is the goal of the NINDS CTU to ensure quality of practice in the NINDS intramural research programs through oversight of clinical research conducted by NINDS intramural investigators and the provision of education and training opportunities to all members of clinical research study teams.

The NINDS CTU is furthermore dedicated to promoting the advancement of clinical trial methodology through research collaborations with clinical investigators at NINDS as well as outside partners.