Conferences and Didactic Training


Conference Day of Week Frequency Time
NIH Surgical Neurology Branch Clinical Conference Thursday Every other Week 8:00 AM
Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board Thursday Every other Week 8:00 AM
NIH Morbidity & Mortality Thursday Monthly 8:00 AM
NIH Journal Club Thursday Monthly 9:00 AM
NIH Case Review Wednesday Weekly 3:30 PM
Core Combined NIH/Georgetown Neurosurgical Conference Monday Weekly 4:00 PM
NIH Clinical Neuroscience Grand Rounds Wednesday Weekly 12:00 PM
Epilepsy Conference Friday 4th Friday of Every Month 2:30 PM
Pituitary Conference Friday 3rd Friday of Every Month 12:00 PM
Neuropathology Conference Wednesday Every other Week 2:30 PM

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To view  NIH Clinical Grand Rounds schedule please visit Clinical Center webpage