Neurophysiology of Epilepsy Unit

Inati Lab


The Neurophysiology of Epilepsy Unit is part of the Surgical Neurology Branch of the NINDS.  We perform extensive deep phenotyping of epilepsy patients undergoing evaluation at the NIH Clinical Center, including neurophysiologic (EEG and MEG) and structural and functional neuroimaging. We seek to improve our ability to identify where seizures start and to better understand how seizure activity spreads throughout the brain in order to improve the efficacy of targeted interventions in individual patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy.



Dr. Inati

Clinical Investigator

Sara K. Inati, M.D.

Dr. Sara Inati completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard College, and her MD at Dartmouth Medical School.  She completed her neurology residency as well as fellowships in clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy at Columbia University Medical Center.  Dr. Inati joined NINDS as a Staff Clinician in 2010. She served as Chief of the EEG Section for the NINDS Office of the Clinical Director from 2012 to 2021. She established the NCC/NIH Epilepsy Fellowship Program in 2015 and continues to serve as Program Director.  In 2021, she transitioned to become an Assistant Clinical Investigator. Her research has arisen from her clinical interest in surgical epilepsy, seeking to improve our ability to identify seizure foci and networks using neuroimaging and neurophysiologic techniques.