Lab Research Highlighted in NIH Press and Journals


2021. Neuron Preview by Eva-Maria Albers: Superfood for axons: Glial exosomes boost axonal energetics by delivery of SIRT2. Neuron 109, 3397-3400, 2021.

2021. NINDS/NIH Press: Signaling from neighboring cells provides power boost within axons

2021. Current Biology Dispatch Article by Twiss et al., “Neurobiology: Resetting the axon’s batteries”.

2021. Developmental Cell | Preview Article by Yap and Winckler  "Lysosomes to the rescue: Anterograde axonal lysosome transport and neuronal proteostasis"  

2021. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT "Lysosome transport interrupted".

2020. Lab Research was selected to the 2020 NIH Research AccomplishmentsHow the brain powers communication between neurons.

2020. NIH Press: NIH scientists reveal how the brain may fuel intense neural communication

2020. SCIENCE RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT "Mitochondrial anchoring in synapses"

2020. NIH Press: Boosting energy levels within damaged nerves may help them heal

2018. JCB Spotlight ArticleNeuronal endosomes to lysosomes: A journey to the soma”  

2017. Lab Research was selected to the 2017 NIH Research Accomplishments - Mitochondria power neuronal axon growth and regeneration.

2016. Rockefeller PressMobilizing mitochondria may be key to regenerating damaged neurons   

2016. NATURE | RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTMitochondria make nerves grow.    

2016. The New England Journal of Medicine | RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTMitochondrial mobility and neuronal recovery.

2015. NIH Press: Neurons’ broken machinery piles up in ALS: NIH scientists identify a transport defect in a model of familial ALS

2013. JCB Focus Article:Syntaphilin puts the brakes on axonal mitochondria"

2013. NIH Press: NIH researchers discover how brain cells change their tune.

2010. Neuron Preview ArticleSnapin snaps into the dynein complex for late endosome-lysosome trafficking and autophagy".

2008. Nature Reviews Neuroscience RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS “Mitochondria in the dock".

2004. Nature Cell Biology News & Views article: “Hauling t-SNAREs on the microtubule highway”.