Stephanie - NIH Philharmonia
Stephanie’s secret fan at the NIH Philharmonic concert!
Lab Retreat 2021
Lab Retreat 2021
Lab Retreat 2021
Ewa's mom to be and  Kishore 's marriage  celebration - Lab Retreat 2021
Jiayi and Kishore paper
Lab celebration (distanced!) for Kishore and Jiayi’s papers.
Summer Party
2019 Summer Party hosted by Antonina
Anna Akhmanona  and sushi diners
Dinner with the great Anna Akhmanova after seminar at the NIH.                  Sushi dinner after fantastic talks from Annie and Elena at ASCB in San Diego.
Halloween 1
Fantastic Halloween costume from Steven. 
Antonina is trying to pop out a tubulin out of the microtubule.


Katanin paper team
All girls katanin paper team.
2018 Roll-Mecak Lab Team
2018 Roll-Mecak Lab Team
Rajath Salagame at the summer student poster session.
Rajath Salagame at the summer student poster session.
Blavatnik Ceremony
All dressed up! Blavatnik Awards Ceremony at the Natural History Musem in New York City.
Antonina is recognized for work on the tubulin code.
Lab Birthday Celebrations
Happy Birthday Chris!
Happy Birthday Ian!!


Keith -  daruma
Wishing Keith all the best as he is starting graduate school at Duke. Hope you fill in that second eye on the Daruma soon!
Chris_ TTLL7 Vineyard
Chris gets to start his own lab in good old Canada! Congratulations!!!! Celebrating with vintage coke, TTLLL7 vineyard.
Fantastic gingerbread creation at the Clinical Center.
Antonina babyshower
Antonina’s baby shower. It’s a boy.
ARM Lab pumpkin
Halloween at Roll-Mecak Lab
Antonina receives the Emerging Leader Prize from ASCB at the annual meeting in San Francisco. Congratulations to the other two recipients, Maria Barna from Stanford and Nicholas Plachta from the Agency of Science and Technology in Singapore
Max Daruma
Max with his Daruma. We hope it will not take too long to fill in the second eye!!!


Government Shutdown
Government shutdown – Free Burgers in DC.  Japanese TV stations seems to be taking a liking to Max!
Cherry Blossom Fela
Cherry Blossom outing: Antonina, Annie and Chris– We love Fela!
Annie and Max a great start
Wishing Annie and Max a great start to their graduate careers!
APS SAXS Detector
Notice the logo on the APS SAXS detector: GO BIG OR GO HOME
APS tricycle run
Midnight tricycle run at APS after collecting the definitive datasets for TTLL7
Chris and Max in Lab
Max ready to do one of his awesome and painful yeast tubulin preps.
Chris - setting up crystals is magic !
Our microscope tech has the most awesome tattoo


Woods Hole 2012 Team
The Microtubule Team at the Physiology Course - 2012 - investigating tubulin modifications
Left to Right: Ben Goodman, Julia Gunzenhäuser, Antonina Roll-Mecak, Lauren Chircus, Emma Wu, Andy Lane
Woods Hole 2012  Parade and bending models
2012 4th of July Parade at Woods Hole. Microtubule float: Terri is a vesicle and Chris is a MAP! TAT is on the inside!
Physiology 2012: Microtubule persistence length determination... The Bending Modes.
Woods Hole Chris cleaning squid and getting inked
Chris cleaning squid for the kinesin prep … and dinner
Getting inked
Woods Hole 2011
Physiology 2011: Lisa – awesome bootcamp TA
Woods Hole 2011
Lisa is not quite sure whether they will be dinner or protein prep material.
Antonina dissecting squid optical lobe.
Lab 2010 … Under construction …
Lab 2010 … Under construction …