Postdoctoral Fellowship

Section on structural and chemical biology of membrane proteins
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Postdoctoral Fellowship

A description of the work to be carried out and/or the expertise soughtThe Banerjee Lab is interested in two distinct areas - structure, mechanism and physiology of posttranslational protein lipidation and transition metal transport and homeostasis. We are interested in asking questions about the mechanisms of our target proteins starting from a structure-centric perspective which means we are very interested in solving structures of these proteins and their complexes with other protein interaction partners and regulators, using cryoEM and crystallography.  However we are currently encompassing tools and techniques of reconstitution biochemistry, chemical biology , biophysics and cell biology to understand their mechanisms at a chemical level and how they connect to physiology and human disease.

Required background and/or experience - The candidates should hold a Ph. D. degree (by the time of joining the lab), be author of at least one first author publication and have a strong background in any one of biochemistry/cell biology/structural biology/chemical biology. Experience with basic molecular biology, protein expression, purification and biochemical characterization is required. It is absolutely essential the candidate is motivated and prepared to put in the best efforts for fruition of the project goals. We are a small, friendly lab and ability to work as part of a cohesive group is important.

Specific Application Instructions:  send CV/resume, cover letter describing your specific interests in the scope of the lab’s research and three names of reference.

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