Medical Student Clinical Electives

Duration: 4-12 weeks


You must be a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or a foreign citizen on a B1 for business or WB visa; be in good standing in your medical school; and have your school’s permission to participate. If you are not enrolled in a U.S. accredited medical school, then you must also have documentation of proficiency in communication skills from either a TOEFL score or successful completion of the USMLE step 2 Clinical Skills exam. Students should have completed a clerkship rotation in neurology and have basic skills in history taking and neurological examination. Eligibility requirements can be found at


Two options are available:

  1. Neurology Consult Service: Students will work alongside NIH faculty and fellows in the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) neurology consult service.  Inpatient responsibilities include mastering the history of complex clinical cases; conducting a thorough neurological exam; and providing recommendations for diagnostic tests, imaging, and possible therapeutics. Students will have a unique opportunity to read the primary literature on these patients and quickly develop expertise on patients who have rare diseases or who are receiving novel therapeutics. The Consult Service also has a weekly outpatient clinic and hosts weekly Consult Rounds; students are encouraged to give case presentations on the patients they are following and engage in discussions about patient care.
  2. Clinical research subspecialty: Short-term rotations with one of the NINDS clinical research groups provides the student with exposure to patient-oriented research and an opportunity to receive advanced clinical training in neurology. Students are encouraged to identify clinical research interests and correspond with potential faculty mentors prior submitting their applications. If a faculty mentor has already been identified, students should mention this in their application.  Areas of faculty research can be viewed at the NINDS faculty webpage:


Avi Nath, M.D., Clinical Director, NINDS,

Ariane Soldatos, M.D., M.P.H., Chief of Pediatric Neurology Consult Service,

Debra Ehrlich, M.D., Staff Clinician, Program Director of Clinical Elective Program,

TBD, Program Director, Neurology Consult Service


Applications are submitted online to the NIH Clinical Center’s Office of Clinical Research Training and Medical Education (OCRTME) at!/personal. Contact the OCRTME at (301) 496-9425 if you have any questions.