Lab News and Photos

Lab News

August 2023 - Welcome, Ashley!! We're so glad you're joining us.

March 2023 - We survived the flood! Huge thanks to all of the lab for pulling together through such a tough time.

November 2022 - huge congratulations to Kaya on successfully defending her PhD. It was an amazing body of work and we're so proud of you!!! 

August 2022 - Wooohooo! Kaya's SCI paper was just accepted. Look for it soon in Nature Comms.

July 2022 - Congrats to Fabricio on winning the Fellows Award for Research Excellence :)

July 2022 - Welcome to Ava, Yasin, and Enny. And a  warm sendoff and thank you to Krystal and Isabelle - we can't wait to see what you do next in your PhD and MD/PhD programs!!

November 2021 - Congrats to Ariel on receiving the NINDS Director's Award for Mentorship!

September 2021 - The harmonized atlas, Fabricio and Isabelle's review, and a collaborative paper with the Courtine lab are all published on the same day :)

January 2021 - Congrats to Fabricio on his F32 grant!!!





Lab Photos

lab group photo at ice skating
Levine lab standing on a balcony, November 2022
Lab outing to Artechouse
Lab outing to the Artechouse SFN exhibit
Lab trip to Glenstone Museum
Jerry, Kaya, Fabricio, and Isabelle at Glenstone Museum
August get-together
August get together to welcome Isabelle and Jerry and to say goodbye to Anu.
Anu, Courtney, and Kaya at the zoo
Anu, Courtney, and Kaya studying animal behavior at the zoo :)