Research Groups in LFMI

LFMI is organized in a fashion typical to most of NIH with a major goal of developing high field MRI of the brain. Presently, there are two independent Sections that share significant intellectual and physical resources. Jeff Duyn heads the Advanced Imaging Section, and Alan Koretsky heads the Section of Plasticity and Imaging of the Nervous System. Dr. Koretsky also serves as Chief of the LFMI. The MRI Engineering Team, led by Dr. Gudino, complements these two Sections by developing new hardware technologies to advance ultra-high field MRI. In addition to these three groups the LFMI has administrative expertise to assist members with the recruitment of personal, generation of research protocols and collaborations.

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging​​​​​​
Dr. Jeff Duyn, Section Head

Section of Plasticity and Imaging of the Nervous System
Dr. Alan Koretsky, Section Head

Dr. Natalia Gudino, Team Lead