Lab News

Adrian Koretsky wearing a red and black t-shirt, smiling, in the Neuroscience Building


Welcome to Adrian Koretsky!

Excited that Adrian Koretsky is joining us as postbac trainee jointly with Kenton Swartz’s lab to work on predicting neuronal protein complexes.

Welcome to Annika Backer!

Happy to have Annika Backer join the team this year as a postbac trainee to work on serotonin transport. 

AlignMe web server updates

Interested in aligning sequences of membrane proteins to find their evolutionary matchings? Please check out the AlignMe website and all its new features, described in the latest issue of Nucleic Acids Research

Our software tool being applied to describe protein conformations

Proud to contribute to a lovely study by the Deredge and Wilks labs' at the University of Maryland, using our HDXer tool. They beautifully integrate information from biophysical measurements with simulated data for a protein that takes turns binding DNA or heme.

Read the "New and Notable" from Liz Komives here.
Want to use the tool? Check out our new tutorial!