Meet Our Members

Headshot of Debjani Mandal

Debjani Mandal, PhD

Dr. Mandal/Debjani received her Undergraduate, Master’s degree and Ph. D. in Bio Science and was a faculty member at IICB, Calcutta (CSIR Institute) in India. During her tenure ship she mentored graduate and postgraduate students and her research focused on metabolites and ion translocation across the cell and organelles membrane at different model systems. She continued her work on membrane transporter during postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and identified critical residues that could alter the substrate specificity of the transporter.  Before joining at NINDS she worked as a senior research associate at USUHS, Bethesda, and later became a staff scientist in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and her interest laid on structure function studies of human multidrug resistance protein for the rational design of mechanism-based inhibitors and therapeutics.

Presently, she is exploring therapeutic targets of  Cushing and VHL disease at biochemical and molecular aspects, focusing on transcriptomic data of patient sample, and metabolic reprograming.

Other than research she has a tight schedule with her pets, gardening, cooking, and music.

Headshot of David Asuzu

David Asuzu, MD, PhD
PGY5 Resident, NIH/UVA Neurosurgery

Headshot of Elyse Moore

Elyse Moore, BA

Elyse is a second-year post-bac fellow in the Chittiboina lab. Originally from North Carolina, she earned her B.S. in Clinical Neuroscience from Virginia Tech in 2021 where she worked as an undergraduate researcher studying mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease. As a fellow in the lab, she is interested in mechanisms of pituitary cell type differentiation from hiPSC pluripotent cells. Elyse is currently applying for MD and MD/PhD programs with hopes of continuing her translational research as she pursues her medical degree.


Headshot of Shyama Bhatt

Shyama Bhatt, BA

Shyama is a second year post-bac fellow in the Chittiboina Lab. She graduated with her BS from Wayne State University as a part of the Wayne State University Med Direct BS/MD program. During undergrad, she studied the neurodegenerative disorder, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. Her work currently focuses on the involvement of the proteasome and the unfolded protein response in pituitary adenomas. In her free time, you will probably find her in the kitchen, gym or exploring the city.


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Jasleen Gandhi, MS

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Dustin Mullaney, BS

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Martin Arhin, BS


Lab Alumni

Headshot of Emma Celano

Emma Celano, MD
Neurosurgery Research Fellow:
PGY6 Resident, Georgetown Neurosurgery

Emma is a current 5th year neurosurgery resident at Georgetown and plans to specialize in Skull Base Surgery. She is currently researching the natural history of neurofibromatosis type 2.

Headshot of Alejandro Burgarini

Alejandro Bugarini, MD
Neurosurgery Research Fellow
​PGY4 Resident, Geisinger Neurosurgery

Headshot of Stefan Stoica

Stefan Stoica, BS

Headshot of Anish Kosanam

Anish Kosanam, BA