Staff Directory

Research Staff

Headshot of Harold Gainer
Harold Gainer, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Basic Neurosciences Program
Dr. Mark Hallett
Mark Hallett, M.D., Scientist Emeritus
Human Motor Control Section, Medical Neurology Branch (MNB)
Headshot of Eugene Major
Eugene O. Major, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Basic Neurosciences Program
Photo of Dr. Mark Mayer
Mark L. Mayer, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Office of The Scientific Director
Headshot of Ralph F. Nelson, PHD
Ralph F. Nelson, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Neural Circuits Unit
Headshot of Karin B Nelson
Karin B. Nelson, M.D., Scientist Emeritus
Clinical Neurosciences Program
Headshot of  Jeffrey C. Smith
Jeffrey C. Smith, Ph.D., Scientist Emeritus
Cellular & Systems Neurobiology Section
Headshot of Judith R Walters, PHD
Neurophysiological Pharmacology Section