Ethan R. Buch, Ph.D.

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Staff Scientist
Human Cortical Physiology and Neurorehabilitation Section, Medical Neurology Branch

BG 10 RM 7D51

Dr. Ethan Buch completed his undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford in 2012 where he investigated brain network interactions underlying reaching and grasping behaviors in humans with Dr. Matthew Rushworth. He completed postdoctoral training under Dr. Leonardo Cohen where he pursued the use of brain-computer interface (BCI) approaches for the rehabilitation of hand motor function in patients following stroke (NINDS IRP) and traumatic brain injury (Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine). In 2016, Dr. Buch was appointed as a Staff Scientist for the Human Cortical Physiology and Neurorehabilitation Section. His current work is focused on spatiotemporal brain network dynamics underlying skill learning in humans.

Dr. Buch is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying motor skill learning in healthy humans, how neuromodulation can be used to improve learning, and how motor skills can be rehabilitated following brain injury or disease.  Dr. Buch investigates these areas of interest using several neuroimaging (EEG, MEG, PET, fMRI and diffusion-weighted MRI) and non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS and TES) techniques that are used to characterize structural and functional brain networks, and the compensatory changes that occur during learning, or rehabilitation following injury or disease.

Dr. Buch’s long-term research goals are to: (1) define spatiotemporal brain network dynamics underlying motor skill learning in healthy humans, as well as in patients following brain injury; (2) define systems-level plasticity mechanisms supporting recovery in patients following brain injury or disease; and (3) develop novel non-invasive interventions for improving skill learning in healthy humans and therapeutic outcomes in individual patients suffering from motor deficits.

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