Open discussion on the impact of research delays***Special OITE program for trainees***

Thursday, February 02, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Whether you’ve experienced a major lab flood, pandemic delays, or a health emergency, many trainees are impacted by long delays in their research and training. These delays can be difficult to navigate, both professionally and personally, but learning to adapt and prepare for your next steps can help build resilience in the midst of this challenging experience. You may have questions about how to address a research delay in your job interviews, or you may feel alone in navigating these challenges and want to connect with others experiencing similar things. Please join us for a drop-in discussion led by OITE Career Counselor Amanda Langer to connect with trainees who have experienced a research delay and to ask any questions you have about navigating a job search after this delay. Register here to receive the Zoom link: