Faculty & Staff

Clinical Faculty:
Kareem Zaghloul, M.D., Ph.D. Chair, Surgical Neurology Branch and Tenured Investigator
John Heiss, M.D. Head, Clinical Unit and Residency Program Director
Prashant Chittiboina, M.D., Ph.D. Head, Neurosurgery Unit for Pituitary & Inheritable Diseases and Tenured Investigator
Desmond Brown, M.D., Ph.D. Head, Neurosurgical Oncology Unit and Assistant Clinical Investigator
Sadhana Jackson, M.D. Head, Developmental Therapeutics and Pharmacology Unit        
Research Staff:
Frederic Cantor, M.D. Adjunct Investigator
Marsha Merrill, M.D. Staff Scientist
Richard Youle, Ph.D. Senior Investigator
Nurse Practitioners and Research Nurses:
Samantha Dill, CRNP  Nurse Practitioner
Christi Hayes, CRNP Nurse Practitioner
Michaela Cortes, BSN, RN Research Nurse
Gretchen Scott, BSN, RN  Research Nurse
Residency Program:
John Heiss, M.D. Residency Program Director
Ana Garcia Residency Program Coordinator
Rovella Hyman Patient Care Coordinator
Carrie Wellen Patient Care Coordinator
Administrative Staff:
Bianca Lee Office Manager
Michelle Moore Office Manager
Theresa Yaptangco Management Analyst