Nonhuman Primate Physiology Consortium (NHP-PC)

Description and Mission

The NHP-PC is a collaborative initiative between multiple laboratories across intramural institutes.  The consortium facilitates investigating synaptic level neural mechanisms in nonhuman primates and drawing comparisons to the mechanism found in rodent brains.  The consortium is also an effective platform for developing and testing viral techniques for use in nonhuman primates as it allows functional validation of virally delivered constructs in the slice.  Translation of viral techniques from rodents to primates is challenging, but it is an important step towards development of next-generation therapeutics.  Specific projects in the consortium include investigation of mechanisms of inhibition in neocortex and hippocampus, dopamine release in the striatum, axonal physiology of dopamine neurons within the striatum, and the contribution of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons to learning. 


NHP-PC Contacts

Mark Eldridge, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist, NIMH

Zayd Khaliq, Ph.D.
Senior Investigator, NINDS

Sebastian Peña-Vargas
Program Analyst, CCB



Research Lab Principal Investigator NIH Institute
Laboratory on Neurobiology of Compulsive Behaviors Veronica Alvarez NIMH
Section on Learning and Decision Making Bruno Averbeck NIMH
Cellular Neurophysiology Section Zayd Khaliq NINDS
Section on Cellular and Synaptic Physiology Chris McBain NICHD
Circuits, Synapses, and Molecular Signaling Section Lorna Role/David Talmage NINDS