Fu Lab

Oligodendrocyte with Mbp mRNA in green and MBP protein in blue


Our lab goal is to understand glial function at the animal, cell, and molecular level in order to elucidate mechanisms of normal development and disease progression.

Our main research focus includes:

  • The role of Golgi outposts in acentrosomal microtubule nucleation in oligodendrocytes.  The lab is investigating partner proteins that work in concert with the microtubule nucleator TPPP to organize microtubules. In addition, they are making important observations on the biophysical properties of TPPP and how this can lead to aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Mechanisms of mRNA transport in oligodendrocytes. The lab is using mouse models to understand the importance of mRNA transport in in vivo myelination. They are also using biochemical and biophysical techniques to identify the molecular players involved in these transport processes.

New topics of interest  include: mechanisms of leukodystrophies (myelination diseases affecting children), and cytoskeletal organization of astrocytes and microglia.