Dr. Mark Hallett
Mark Hallett, M.D., NIH Distinguished Investigator
Human Motor Control Section, Medical Neurology Branch (MNB)
Photo of Dr. Holmgren.
Miguel Holmgren, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Molecular Neurophysiology Section
Inati Headshot 4.28.21
Sara K. Inati, M.D., Assistant Clinical Investigator
Neurophysiology of Epilepsy Unit
Sadhana Jackson, MD
Sadhana Jackson, M.D., Investigator
Developmental Therapeutics and Pharmacology Unit, Surgical Neurology Branch (SNB)
Dr. Steve Jacobson
Steven Jacobson, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Viral Immunology Section, Neuroimmunology and Neurovirology Division (NND)
Headshot of Zayd M Khaliq
Zayd M. Khaliq, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Cellular Neurophysiology Section
Headshot of Alan Paul Koretsky
Alan P. Koretsky, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Functional and Molecular Metabolism Section, Laboratory of Functional & Molecular Imaging (LFMI)
Photo of Dr. Larry Latour
Lawrence L. Latour, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
The Acute Cerebrovascular Diagnostics Unit, Stroke Branch (SB)
Headshot of Ariel Johanna Levine
Ariel Levine, M.D., Ph.D., Stadtman Investigator
Spinal Circuits and Plasticity Unit
Wei Lu photo
Wei Lu, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Synapse and Neural Circuit Section