Headshot of Lauren Bowen Reoma

Lauren Bowen Reoma, M.D.

Staff Clinician and Director, Clinical Trials Unit, Office of the Clinical Director
Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

BG 10 RM 2A23

Dr. Reoma directs the Clinical Trials Unit, which is a government research organization supporting intramural clinical trials at NINDS through six offices and more than 25 trials support staff dedicated to human subjects research efforts within the NINDS Office of the Clinical Director. The CTU provides services and support in the following areas available to the NINDS intramural program: science review, protocol staffing and support, research education and training, biostatistics, pharmacy, quality assurance, monitoring and auditing, data and clinical trials database management, data and safety monitoring, and regulatory support. Additionally, the CTU oversees the centralized support and regulatory science for NINDS sponsored IND and IDE clinical trials, directs the Data and Safety Monitoring procedures, as well provides Medical Monitors for selected NINDS sponsored trials. Dr. Reoma supports the IC as a Sponsor’s Authorized Representative on behalf of the Clinical Director. 

Dr. Reoma also serves as the intramural Fellowship Program Director for the NINDS- Division of Neurology (CDER/FDA) Fellowship in Clinical Trial Methodology and Regulatory Science as well as an Attending on the NIH Neurology Consult Service at the Clinical Center Bethesda campus. She supports several NINDS, inter-IC, and national committees including the NIH Institutional Review Board, the NIH Institutional Biosafety Committee, the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (Neuro CSG), and is the incoming Vice Chair of the AAN Experimental Neurotherapeutics Section.

Dr. Reoma’s primary research interest has been working to identify and target CNS viral reservoirs, especially as pertains JCV and HIV-1. She is the Principal Investigator on clinical study NCT03239899: PD-1 Inhibition to Determine CNS Reservoir of HIV-Infection under IND, which is a phase 1 study using checkpoint inhibition to target a “kick-and-kill” mechanism intended to reverse viral latency in HIV-1 for potential use in cure designs. This study will shed important light on questions of CD4 killing, CD4 clonality, HIV-1 viral insertion, HIV antibody response (9), tat antigen response, and cytokine response in the peripheral and CNS space. In tandem, her work on CNS viral reservoirs (Dengue, JCV, HIV-1) has supported research and studies instrumental in identifying and understanding CNS viral reactivations as well as potential therapeutic targets.

In parallel to her work in neurovirology, she is leading development of a research program within the Clinical Trials Unit focused on optimizing novel clinical trials methodology, improving trial regulatory performance, and targeting quality improvement research in early phase neurology clinical trials. The unit has published work focusing on mitigating non-compliance in neurology clinical trials and has presented at several local, national, and international conferences. Growth in this program is targeting work on novel and optimal designs in low “n” rare disease populations, quality assurance event mitigation in early phase designs, development of standardized neurology clinical trials database management systems, development of a toxicology criteria for clinical neurologic researchers, and metrics for gold-standard early phase interventional trial support staffing in neurologic trials.

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