Accelerating Precision Environmental Health Session 4: Social and Societal Impacts

Friday, August 19, 2022 | 11:00 - 4:00 PM

Please join us at this pivotal moment to catalyze the shift from defining the exposome to doing it. Together, we will shape the future of exposomics at the intersection of environment and health/disease research.

The comprehensive and systematic analysis of the environmental drivers of health and disease requires us to solve complex challenges collaboratively and chase exciting opportunities:

  • Tools, Technologies, and Methodologies (measuring the exposome)
  • Biological Responses and Impact on Health and Disease, (integrating multi-omics with biomarkers of exposure, response, effect, susceptibility, vulnerability, and resilience)
  • Future of Clinical & Prevention Trials, Cohorts and Epidemiology (designing studies, calculating power, approaching pooling)
  • Social and Societal Impacts (integrating social determinants of health, diversity, health disparities, privacy, trust, etc...)
  • Data Infrastructure, and Data Analytics (sharing data and harmonizing it; analyzing, interpreting, visualizing, and modeling data)

Workshops will include an Agenda Creation, two rounds of small group working sessions, and a brief wrap-up.

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